Meet Toronto

31 Oct


This week is homecoming  for my son’s school. They were asked to dress in various themes, one being the wild west.

In the car on the way to school, we have this conversation:

  • T starts with, “I’m King Wasabi”.
  • “Ok, who is that?”
  • “You know….King Wasabi.”
  • “Nope, I don’t know King Wasabi,”  I say shaking my head…
  •  “Well, that is what Toronto says.”
  • 10 seconds of wracking my brain, flipping through the invisible rolodex of what he could be referring to…then I chuckle… “OH NO, that is Tonto… and TONTO says, Ke-mo sah-bee, not King Wasabi.”

I laughed all the way to work.

My son T has always made up his own words. I find it hysterical .  So funny that I often start using his made up words as our new family vocabulary, weaving it into my sentences where ever I can.  Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Speed Lemon = Speed Limit
  • 3 eyed chicken = teriyaki chicken
  • Hanny-anna = Indiana
  • Paula-metto moo = Palmetto Moon (a local store)

When he was learning his alphabet, he insisted for weeks that the letter ‘W’ was pronounced “woubble woo”.

Oh, and if you read my earlier post, you already know that I gave birth to two geniuses.  Of course this means he knows everything. If I  attempt to correct his vocabulary he stands FIRM in his belief that he is right. He can hold a fierce debate. While his reasoning often only makes sense to him, I’m  still thoroughly impressed.  

If I took this all seriously, caring more about his image of perfection, of how this mispronunciation looks to teachers, to other moms…. it surely would cause more gray hair than I have now. However, when I look at the big picture, I know these are the times I will hold tight to my heart when he is grown and gone. I also know that his creativity, his spunk, and his determination will carry him far.

Tonight we will eat 3 eyed chicken before we take King Wasabi a.k.a. Toronto around trick or treating….  savoring each moment and loving it.

One Response to “Meet Toronto”

  1. Linda Smith November 1, 2013 at 8:23 am #

    Love, love, love it!


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