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12 Jun



I’m human. I’m a girl. Yessss, I’m sensative. Of course I’m emotional.

I want to be liked…If I’m being honest, I really want to be adored…and when I’m not, I feel diminished. Devalued.

I understand that not EVERYONE is going to like me. I’m okay with that. Really…. I mean, if I don’t like you, I’m perfectly okay with you not liking me. We are on even ground.



It is, what it is.

But if I like you…respect you, even…It is beyond bothersome to me if you fail to see (and adore) my awesomeness.

It happened today. It was the pits….

I went through the day feeling small…. All the while knowing I’m to BIG to feel s.m.a.l.l..

To bad they don’t sell over the counter Fix-a-Flat for the soul.


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