The Beginning

7 Jul

Our dating years

The problem with long weekends, is at some point they end. Tomorrow my alarm will sound and I’ll head into work. Truth is, I love my crazy job. The worst part of tomorrow will be that I have to get dressed. I much prefer to be in my pj’s. However, I recognize I’m more productive in heels and real clothes.

This weekend we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. My husband Kevin and I started dating 22 years ago in high school. I was actually seeing another boy when we met. He was a complete jerk and his name is Chris . (Watch out single ladies. Not surprisingly, I think he is still looking for THE ONE.) Chris and I were going on a double date with Kevin and a friend of mine, Dawn. My boyfriend Chris, didn’t come pick me up for the date, Kevin did. We started chatting in the car. It was awkward for both of us at first. Surprisingly though, after just a few minutes we were laughing. For our double date, we were going to the river to swim. Keep in mind, I was 15. We were all young and jobless.

Chris, barely spoke to me that day. He was more concerned with how he looked in the water, out of the water, with his shirt on, with it off….you know. He was THAT type of guy. Kevin on the other hand was quiet, yet attentive. He asked questions about my life and seemed genuinely interested in my answers. There was a truth about him and I instantly liked his personality. I was thinking, “what a nice boy”, when he slipped his shirt off to hop in the water….and Whooooa WHATTTT HAPPENED??? My tummy flipped. This boy was cuuuuteee! I liked him EVEN more at that point. But I had this jerky, good for nothing, ass wipe of a boyfriend, Chris. He and Kevin were friends….and I had set Kevin up with my friend Dawn. UGGGH, What’s a girl to do?

Never underestimate the manipulation of a 15 year old girl. I found Kevin’s number in the phone book. (Remember this story takes place pre-internet.) I gave him a call, you know to talk about Chris and see what could be done to ‘make our relationship better’. Kevin and I talked for hours….not about Chris. I then decided to break up with Chris. Don’t feel sorry for him. He could have cared less. The hardest part of this story was telling my friend that I liked the boy I set her up with….. How did I tackle it? Like a 15 year old girl does, head on and matter of fact. I said “Hey, you know that boy I set you up with? I’m thinking about asking him out. Do you care?” She raised her eyebrows…She had much more grace and poise than I did, obviously. She was pretty much speechless and I decided that meant I was good to go. Next up, call Kevin and pretend that I was upset over the whole Chris thing…and to let him know I was SINGLE. He didn’t bite….I called him again, and again…no bites. Although we would talk endlessly and I could tell he was interested. I had never done this before and was always told that ladies don’t….but what the heck. I wasn’t a lady yet. I was a 15 year old country girl. I called again…and I asked him out on another double date. This time he would be MY date. He said yes. The rest, as they say, is history.

Later I learned that Kevin was quite manipulative too in a slow, stalking way….He was interested in me and befriended Chris the jerk to get closer to me. I was new to the school and he had seen me in the hallway. He had no interest in having Chris as a friend. He was slick! I, on the other hand, was like a bull in the China shop. To this day, it still defines our personalities. I’m a person of action. See it, want it, do it, get it done! Kevin is slow, meticulous, thinking things through to achieve the best opportunity for success….Clearly, we were meant to be together. If not, I’d be in jail and he would be stuck in first gear. Balance, it is a good thing! God knows what he is doing and I am thankful.

So this is how our story began. Of course there are more stories to tell. Maybe I’ll sprinkle them in from time to time. I’m not sure yet. They say true love stories never end. I’m counting on that.

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  1. Linda Smith July 7, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    Such a sweet story!


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