Two Steen Geniuses

13 Jul


Who would have thought that I could have give birth to not one, but TWO  Geniuses? What are the odds?  By the age of 3 1/2, both of my children managed to cram all the knowledge of the universe into their tiny little heads.  How do I know this? Because every time I tell them something, their response is “I know”.   So there you have it. They are geniuses. My role as a mom, life councilor, rule provider and enforcer is no longer needed.  I can go on mom vacation now and just enjoy endless days of not having to worry about my know it all kids, because in fact, they know it ALL.

My younger son, T, will argue the bark of a tree.  With all his knowledge, he is very good at it. Quite often he ‘wins’ from shear exhaustion of his opponent (me).  He has road maps in his head for every location in the United States and will tell you when you are going the wrong direction. The amazing part of this, is many times he has never traveled these roads….but he KNOWS you are wrong.  And for the rest of the car ride, no matter how long, will try to convince you of your mistake. He also KNOWS all of the house rules, although he doesn’t always follow them, for reasons I don’t understand. He KNOWS that his dirty laundry doesn’t go on the floor and KNOWS where the laundry basket is, yet he doesn’t put them there. Maybe it is some sort of genius trick I haven’t figured out how to decode. I wonder if there is a genius mom hotline?  Someone that I can talk to that understands the level of genius of my children.

My older son S, is now 21.  Oh boy is he smart. I can’t remember a conversation with him in the last 18 years that didn’t end with “I know, mom”.   He is now living on his own and doing very well. We are tremendously proud of him.  He KNOWS to get his oil changed in his car. Although, I don’t think he has done it in the last 6 months…but I’m sure he KNOWS how to fix it should something happen.  He just told us this week that he quit his production job to work in a sales.  He started last week selling alarm systems door to door.  He KNOWS that it will be difficult and he KNOWS that sales is not always steady income….I’m sure he KNOWS that he needs to save his money for any short fall…I’m so happy that he has the self confidence to step out and try something new.  I work with some very talented and successful sales representatives.  I would pass on some sales tidbits to Shawn, but he already KNOWS everything.  It seems he was created for this job.  The thing I KNOW about Shawn is that when he puts his mind to something, he is able to achieve anything.  I told him  as much and he responded, “I KNOW, mom.”

I’m thinking about starting a club for moms that have genius children. There has to more of of you out there than just me. I mean, I had two which seems to be against all odds. Maybe we could have t-shirts made to show our solidarity.  Something that says, “Wanna know the details of the universe? Ask my kid. He KNOWS it ALL.”

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