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26 Nov

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of my mantra…


Living a purposeful life.

Thankful for blessings and thankful to be a blessing.  For we are not meant to only receive…or only to give… but to find balance between the two.

My twelve year old asked that I write about our experience today…and at first I was hesitant. Weighing heavy…I’m not sure that it is the right thing to do.  It’s not normally something I share…In fact, it makes  me quite uncomfortable to do so.

However, lots of topics on this blog make me uneasy…vulnerable, even….

-slips on the blind fold….I feel my feet bouncing on the board beneath me… I’m diving in…-

Admittedly, my life has been a bit disorganized and chaotic over the last few weeks. The lack of energy causing me to wait until the last minute to do our holiday food shopping.  By the time we crossed the threshold today, the store was packed and the aisles a bit bare. Sighing as we joined the crowd, our nerves take on the energy of those around us…It is maddening….

Our cart now full, I recant from memory the ingredients of the dishes I plan to cook tomorrow, ticking each one off as I scan my cart for accuracy…check..check…good…  Our cart picking up speed as we head to the register as if in a race.

Finding the shortest line, which on any other day would not be described as such, we wait…shifting my weight every three seconds…my hands on my hips…I’m a  bit impatient wondering why this conveyer belt is not moving and why the cashier appears to not be working.

I’m tired from a day of errands, from playing the referee  between two bickering ADHD-ers…one fully grown…to whom I happen to be married…and the other, well, twelve…

Moms around the world nod with understanding and sympathy…

At this point I just want my sweat pants and a hot cup of coffee.


Loading my groceries on the belt, I vaguely hear the lady in front of me.  She is having trouble with her new debit card. It worked at the gas station she says…she tries it again…and again. Maybe four times.  A mix of stress and embarrassment flush over her. She doesn’t have another form of payment. The line continuing to form behind her.

And I know

…I make a face in response. Twisted lips because I see the outcome before I’m ready to make the decision.

(Honest confession) I’m Torn…I’m not sure if I want to ….but I know I’m supposed to…..

I’m supposed to because I come from the belief that there are no REAL accidents, just missed opportunities.

So I slide my card to the cashier.


I didn’t have all the right words…didn’t do all the right things…It was a bit awkward for all…it wasn’t a planned moment.

Why? Because we are all in it together.  Because I know the panic that washes over you when you don’t have the money to pay… because blessings are meant to flow to you and through you….and I am blessed.

Shocked she wasn’t sure how to respond…She leaned in to hug me..clasping her hands to her face, then chest…..I mumbled quietly out the side of my mouth, “happy thanksgiving…and merry Christmas”….still not having a handle on  the events  transpiring before me.

I asked T, “Why would I…should I… tell this story?”

Proud to be a part of the day, he said,

“It was literally the meaning of thanksgiving.  You gave and she said thanks.  It was so awesome.”

From the eyes of a child it is just that simple.

A story to be told.

Take Chances. Give everything…. And have no regrets.


Gifts of the heart

19 Jul

Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind kindness quote

The kindness received this week left me feeling humbled, special, loved.

If I’m honest with you, I like to be the giver.  I’m comfortable in that roomy over-stuffed arm chair.  I believe in the pit of my being that it is our duty to help other people along their journey, in what ever way you can, at any given moment. When I am the giver, I’m empowered to complete this mission.

Random strangers often engage in conversation with me.  It happened just yesterday as we were walking from the parking lot into a restaurant for dinner.  The lady was older and appeared to have nervous energy. She told me she was there to celebrate her brother’s birthday.  With in 30 seconds, she also pointed out that she had some how smeared make up on her navy blue dress, rubbing it feverishly with her thumb.  I smiled and said, “Well you still look beautiful.”  It was enough for her to return the smile, chuckle a bit, and I believe, stand a tad taller.

My husband is always amazed at what perfect strangers will say to me….Over the years, I’ve come to cherish  these exchanges.  My curiosity dances and I can’t wait for the conversation to unfold, looking for moments to slip in words of encouragement, for the opportunity to be kind, to help them along today’s journey.

So when I was on the receiving end of kindness this week, I questioned why I  felt humbled.  Yes, yes, I felt abundantly loved and special. I grinned from ear to ear. However in the stillness, humbled kept rising to the top, knocking on the door of my spirit.

The voices in my head kept saying, “You mean I was important enough for you to think about on your trip? To share your high dollar (and sinfully delicious) French cookies with? To receive a gift from the heart from a man whose eyes danced in the  joy in the giving?”    Why me? What did I do to deserve such blessings this week?

While giving is a core value,  I often hold myself to a double standard when it comes to receiving.  I must EARN kindness, must DO something to be liked, to be loved….< Side note to myself – Oh, I have work to do here ! >

In reflection, I realized when you are  always the giver, it can feel like a position of power.  You see, deep down, whether you’ve acknowledged it or not, you feel you don’t NEED any thing, any one. ….There is a little pride mixed in there.

…Interesting….Because that is not who I want to be.

I’m learning. I’m growing.  Leaning into those things that make me uncomfortable, scraping off the dead layers to reveal the new.

Learning to give AND receive.




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